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Subject: [wscm] Motion for a WSIA Glossary of Terms

Recalling John's comments in the "Consumer" breakout session this week,
namely "was there other work that we could borrow terms from for
glossary/semantic/vocabulary purposes for both internal and external
communications". I spotted an effort in another OASIS TC that I think
demonstrates an approach whereby an initial delivery/artifact of the group
(TC) is to produce a glossary of terms.

To this end, I suggest taking a peak at the SPML Glossary attached. It has
few items/terms which we may be able to "consume" but I think it offers us
a good model for an initial roadmap milestone.

I think such an item was captured as part of the mtg minutes but I was
unsure if we actually agreed on a specific deliverable.


(See attached file: draft-anand-glossary-02.doc)

Dan Gisolfi


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