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Subject: RE: [wscm] Motion for a WSIA Glossary of Terms

Hi Everyone,

I have another sample, from the HumanMarkup TC, labelled (1) below, 
and I would like to remind you all that it is in unformatted 
text-only. That means you need to save it locally, and open it in the 
word-processing program of your choice. We perceived this need for a 
glossary also, and I would like to add that there are a wealth of 
non-congruous terms between XML, RDF and UML which I formalized in 
the column headers of a strawman table of classes, (2) below,  and 
properties derived from our ontological taxonomical frameworks, (3) 
below (also a text-only file).

Clarifying how we mean to use these terms is another idea you might 
want to consider for the operational terms in this glossary for TSIA, 
as long a we are collecting the base or foundational materials for 
the building of our lexical vocabularies. Notions of  Element, Class, 
Attributes, and Type (which, as the definition of Class) in RDF I did 
not specify in the headers), Methods vs. Operations, etc need such 
clarification for us in a more formal manner than a strawman  OO 
Class Hierarchy such as I constructed as the basis for an 
out-of-scope exercise for HumanML (more for my own later purposes in 

1 http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/humanmarkup/documents/HMI.glossary.txt


3 http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/humanmarkup/documents/HM.frameworks.txt

Last note, I am not submitting the HumanML glossary as a basis for 
TSIA, let alone the practices I adopted, but rather as another 
example of expanding upon terms when appropriate in a monograph that 
adds further explication of TSIA use of a term.


At 1:26 AM -0500 1/12/02, Jeffery C. Broberg wrote:
>Dan -
>Looks like we can and probably should reuse some of the formatting and
>glossary entries you have found.  I was wondering if we should check some of
>the other TC's to see if we can gather additional items that may help
>provide a wider set of definitions.  I believe I saw some references to the
>terms producer/consumer within some of the documents from the XACML.  Unless
>there are objections, I will try and see if I can get some defs out of their
>docs relating to the p/c clarification.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Dan Gisolfi [mailto:gisolfi@us.ibm.com]
>Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 1:47 PM
>To: wscm@lists.oasis-open.org
>Subject: [wscm] Motion for a WSIA Glossary of Terms
>Recalling John's comments in the "Consumer" breakout session this week,
>namely "was there other work that we could borrow terms from for
>glossary/semantic/vocabulary purposes for both internal and external
>communications". I spotted an effort in another OASIS TC that I think
>demonstrates an approach whereby an initial delivery/artifact of the group
>(TC) is to produce a glossary of terms.
>To this end, I suggest taking a peak at the SPML Glossary attached. It has
>few items/terms which we may be able to "consume" but I think it offers us
>a good model for an initial roadmap milestone.
>I think such an item was captured as part of the mtg minutes but I was
>unsure if we actually agreed on a specific deliverable.
>(See attached file: draft-anand-glossary-02.doc)
>Dan Gisolfi
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