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Subject: [wscm] Proposed Requirements Document Templates

During our mtg last week I offered to provide us with a sample template for
the work ahead, mainly as it relates to the gathering or articulation of

My original intent was to extract a template from the Rational Rose Unified
Process for system design. However the more I thought about the problem and
our underlying dilemma associated with the clarification between Business
Scenarios and Use-cases, I figured I would take a stab at creating an
outline that would help us to capture our work.

In doing so I also stumbled for awhile around the format and tools to use.
I figure a number of my WSIA colleagues have better suggestions on those
topics so I took the following approach until we can solidify on format and
a) Created all documents in MS-Word
b) Saved them as HTML
c) Converted them to XHTML compliant documents
d) Created a ZIp of everything

Now a bit about the contents of the attached zip file. Since the art of
requirements gathering is not a science there is no one way to attack the
problem. Some folks articulate business scenarios to help generate abstract
definition of use-cases. Others take the opposite approach which is to
define some abstract use-cases and then provide business scenarios as
testcases for each. Considering this fact, I have created three templates
which should allow us to attack the problem from multiple directions.

1. Requirements Document Template - This template should act as the
highlevel document outline. It will name a number of associated use-case
2. Use-case report template - This document will serve as a outline for
capturing use-cases. A use-case is an abstract description of a particular
flow of events between participants in a system/application.
3. Scenario Report Template - This document will serve as an outline for
describing a testcase for a given use-case. There can be a number of
business scenarios per use-case. These scenarios serve as concrete examples
to a use case.

The attached .GIF file depicts the relationship of these templates in the
overall requirements document outline.

Lastly, I do not declare to have captured all the relevant elements
necessary for these documents. My submission here is meant to serve as a
starting point.

(See attached file: Req Document Outline Concept.gif)(See attached file:

Dan Gisolfi

Req Document Outline Concept.gif


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