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Subject: RE: [wscm] Conferences and Presentations

There are a few others that I know of, but I think all are no longer
accepting abstracts.  They are:
- Web Services Edge (East Coast), June 24-27
- XML One / Web Services One, June 4-7
- The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, May 13-16
I missed the last 5 minutes of the call today - Charlie - did you
mention if you had already submitted abstracts for any of the above (or
others besides the one in London)?
Also, we are putting together a presentation that we will use internally
(at divine) to sell our other apps groups on the concept, so we can chip
into the broader presentation as well.  I would also be happy to write
abstracts and/or present at whatever conference(s) that we want to

	-----Original Message----- 
	From: Royston Sellman 
	Sent: Fri 1/18/2002 1:12 PM 
	To: WSIA 
	Subject: [wscm] Conferences and Presentations

	Charlie -
	Could you post the list of conferences you have in mind? I am
aware of:
	Web Services: From Technology to Reality
	A Workshop on Modeling, Architectures, Infrastructures and
Standards for
	Business Collaboration
	March 4 through 7, 2002
	West Coast, USA
	Hosted by the Object Management Group
	Sponsored by Borland
	but I'm not aware of the one in London you mentioned.
	I guess it might make sense for me to present in London (only 2
	away). With this in mind I'm happy to chip in with Sean (and
	else) on the generation of a slide set.
	Royston Sellman
	HP Labs Bristol, UK
	+44 117 312 8476 (desk)
	+44 781 801 2356 (cell)
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