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Subject: [wsia] Minutes and action items from Friday's telecon

Folks -- here are the minutes from last Fridays meeting, and the status of
action items from it:

(See attached file: wsia 1-18-02 minutes.doc)

action: Dan to document one from WSXL and send it round so people get the
idea of the document usage.
status: will be out by end of the week

action: Eilan volunteered to also produce the documentation for the Chanel
status: already circulated

action: post Sasha's list so people can volunteer to develop those cases as
status:  Sasha to post

action: Jeff to propose a process for changes/additions to the glossary
status: already circulated

action: Jeff and Eilon to recommend email list conventions such for their
status: [wsia-glossary] recommended, haven't seen recommendation for the
req document yet -- Dan/Eilon please suggest something or we can just use

action: all ? send email to the distribution list if you're interested in
representing WSIA at one of these events
status: have initial volunteers, including Robert Serr, Royston Sellman,
John Kneiling, Peter Quintas, Sean Fitts...proceeding to pull together
initial draft

action: post minutes on web site
status: John, please post


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