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wsia message

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Subject: Can we limit this ? Re: [wsia] seeking partner

Dear Webmaster and possible T&F Partners:

Can we find a way to limit this kind of message? Receiving it more
than once, while bearable, is not welcome, but receiving it several
times a day is more of an annoyance than we need.


At 12:56 PM +0000 1/28/02, T&F Information Exchange wrote:
>?>From business1@tangfeng.org Mon Jan 28 00: 05:07 2002
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>T&F  Information  Exchange  (T&F)
>Physical Address : Room 210, Building 2, Chegongzhuang Street No. 6,
>                              Xicheng District, Beijing, China
>Post Code: 100044
>Tel:   +86-10-6800-3112
>Fax:  +86-10-6800-1452
>Web site: http://www.tangfeng.org
>E-mail:     business1@tangfeng.org
>                business2@tangfeng.org
>                xiuyuan@tangfeng.org
>Dear Sirs,
>       As a direct result of the excellent reputation you enjoy here,
>we would like to build a cooperative relationship with you.T&F is a
>senior investigative corporation in China. We are seeking
>international cooperation with investigative companies abroad.
>       If you are in need of data from China, we are available to
>provide that information on consignment. We are an established
>authority in the field of research and information gathering in
>       At the same time, we can also consign investigative missions
>to you when we need data from your country. In this manner we would
>hope to achieve a mutually beneficial arrangement exchanging needed
>information on a regular basis.
>       Our services include:
>       1/ Credit and status investigations, including:
>          Registration; corporate history; corporate structure;
>background of legal person and executives; financial profiles;
>banking relationships; operating situation; staff; products;
>facilities; profiles of affiliates; and more.
>       2/ professional market research, including:
>          Advertising effectiveness; new product market research; and more.
>       3/ Investment services:
>         Investment feasibility analyses; business partners' credit
>and status reports; agenting for foreign companies; comprehensive
>services; and more.
>       4/ Information protection:
>         Inquiries on trademark and patent registration in China;
>knowledge property protection; trademark investigation in cases of
>trademark imitation; more.
>       5/ Information collection:
>         Information about enterprises within China; information
>collection on policies, laws, current and historical business
>trends; and open profiles of various enterprises.
>       6/ Legal consultation:
>         All-around legal consultation services for both enterprises
>and individuals.
>       7/ Criminal record searches.
>       T&F has built a large number of stable cooperative
>relationships with many governmental departments in China. For
>example, we have made successful arrangements with the Industry &
>Trade Administrative Bureau of China, China Statistics Bureau, China
>National Economic Information Center, etc.
>      The large investigative network of T&F is made up of many
>economic specialists and professional investigators.
>      We are interested in any opportunity of information exchanging.
>If our investigative abillities might be of assistance,please
>contact us.
>Awaiting your reply.
>We are very apologized for the  inconvenience arisen from this
>letter to you. We will delete your name from our maillist upon
>requirement. Thank you.
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>of the TSmtpRelayServer Delphi Component.
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Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request

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