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Subject: [wsia] Draft presentation on WSIA

Folks -- here's a first draft of a presentation giving an overview of WSIA.
A shorter version of this is intended for use at the upcoming OMG workshop
on Web Services, from Technology to Reality, and the full version at
XML/Web Services in London in March.

This will continue to be evolved and track our requirements, scenarios, and
use-cases as they evolve over the next couple of months.  This version
needs to go out next Monday for the first couple of conferences.  Please
circulate comments before the week-end so they can be folded into the

Follow--up items that the subgroup pulling this together (Bob Serr, Royston
Sellman, John Kneiling, Peter Quintas, Sean Fitts) are planning to do
already include:

1. Sean to cut down for 20 min OMG workshop
2. Subgroup  to collect pictures for scenarios to use at the front end to
motivate later discussion
3. Longer term, track the scenario, use case, req process in the committee
to update and keep this presentation aligned with content coming from the
TC requirement process.

If anyone else would like to collaborate on building this and other
presentations, please let us know!

Thanks, Charlie

(See attached file: WSIA Overview.pdf)

WSIA Overview.pdf

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