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Subject: [wsia] Agenda and call-in information for Friday 2/1 WSIA Telecon

Folks -- the agenda for this Friday's WSIA telecon from 12-1pm Eastern is:

Agenda for Feb 1 WSIA Telecon

1. Roll call
2. Status of glossary
3. List of scenarios under way, and volunteers to do any additional ones
4. Review of available scenarios: Macy's/Channel, American Express,
Financial charting, PC Memory configurator
5. Status of WSIA presentation
6. Karl Best call for participation for TC on standard processes

The call in information is:

 USA Toll Free Number: 888-606-9165
 USA Toll Number: +1-630-395-0124
  PASSCODE: 11014

  In addition, we have an e-Meeting set up for sharing the scenarios during
  the meeting.  Access information is:

Meeting Name            OASIS WSIA TC Telecon
Start Time        Fri Feb 1 12:00:00 2002 EST (UTC -5)
Duration          1 hr 15 min
IBM Confidential? No
Unlisted?         No
Password?         No password
Moderator         Charles F Wiecha
Meeting Bookmark

  For IBMers

  For External participants


You can check whether you'll have any problems due to firewalls, etc, by
going in advance to:



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