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Subject: [wsia] [wsia-req & wsia-glossary] Financial Charting Service

Attached please find the subject business scenario for Visualize Inc's
StockPlot Software. Please note that this document also contains
submissions for the WSIA Glossary.

(See attached file: WSIA Business Scenario - Financial Charting
Services.htm)(See attached file: WSIA Business Scenario - Financial
Charting Services.doc)

Dan Gisolfi
Title: Business Scenario: Beauty Boutique

Business Scenario Document

Business Scenario: Financial Charting Services


Version <1.0>





Revision History





27 January 2002


Initial Submission

Dan Gisolfi














Table of Contents

1.     Financial Charting Services                                                                                                                                                    1

1.1      Description                                                                                                                                                                   1

2.     Participants                                                                                                                                                                               1

2.1      Visualize Inc                                                                                                                                                                 1

2.1.1    Role                                                                                                                                                                      1

2.1.2    Relationships                                                                                                                                                      1

2.1.3    Business Objectives                                                                                                                                          1

2.1.4    Solution Requirements                                                                                                                                      1

2.2      FAME                                                                                                                                                                            2

2.2.1    Role                                                                                                                                                                      2

2.2.2    Relationships                                                                                                                                                      2

2.2.3    Business Objectives                                                                                                                                          3

2.2.4    Solution Requirements                                                                                                                                      3

2.3      Divine                                                                                                                                                                            3

2.3.1    Role                                                                                                                                                                      3

2.3.2    Relationships                                                                                                                                                      3

2.3.3    Business Objectives                                                                                                                                          3

2.3.4    Solution Requirements                                                                                                                                      3

2.4      End-User                                                                                                                                                                       3

2.4.1    Role                                                                                                                                                                      3

2.4.2    Relationships                                                                                                                                                      4

3.     Proposed Glossary Terms                                                                                                                                                       4

4.     Scenario Diagrams                                                                                                                                                                   5

5.     References                                                                                                                                                                                 6

Business Scenario

1.                  Financial Charting Services       

1.1               Description

Visualize Inc is an ISV that produces financial charting software as well as other financial analysis tools. This scenario describes a current real world business relationship and depicts desirable alternatives from Visualize Inc’s perspective that are not yet feasible with current technology.

The subject scenario pertains to the distribution of charting software for a variety of distribution channels, namely as (1) shrink-wrapped software, (2) as a Web Site direct to users, (3) OEM’d  as licensed  software or as a Web Service. This document will focus specifically on the consumption of the StockPlot service by a Portal Provider from a Financial Information Service intermediary that OEM’s the StockPlot product.

2.                  Participants

2.1               Visualize Inc

2.1.1          Role

Visualize offers a variety of tools ranging from the core graphical toolkit, financial visualization and analytical software. As an early adopter of Web services technology, Visualize Inc has created a WSDL document for connecting to their StockPlot financial charting software. This effort is not yet in production due to limitations on the provisioning and hosting aspects of a fee-based Web service. See http://www.ibm.com/software/jstart for more details.

In our scenario Visualize is the originator or Producer P0.

2.1.2          Relationships

Currently, StockPlot is offered to customers as a shrink-wrapped software product complete with UI. An optional connection for a real-time data feed is also available. Customers of the StockPlot software either purchase the code or lease it. In this scenario, a Financial Information Service Provider known as FAME leases and hosts the Java based StockPlot application within its domain. Visualize has no business relations with any of FAME’s customers.

2.1.3          Business Objectives

Visualize would like to retain some control over maintaining brand presence. However, the Visualize Inc vision is to expand its business model to include a transaction centric approach that leverages the concepts that they have already begun to explore via Web services. In general they wish to leverage existing software assets for the delivery of StockPlot function to direct and OEM customers using a variety of transaction based fee-models while maintaining some control over brand presence.

2.1.4          Solution Requirements

§         Brand Control. Allow consumers of the StockPlot service to have flexibility over the look, feel and functions of a StockPlot UI while maintaining some level of Visualize Brand identity. This requirements could be satisfied by allowing Visualize to place constraints on the UI aspects that can an can not be overridden.

§         Payee Identity/Authorization: Since Visualize does not own the relationship with downstream participants in the transaction, they require the ability to capture at time of request the identity and an authorization token (if necessary based on business model) pertaining to the actual payee of the request being made.     Technology Requirements

§         Loose Coupling. Separation of StockPlot UI from underlying business function to support multiple delivery channels.

§         Low cost maintenance. Visualize Inc does not want to be responsible for any UI modifications or extensions made by downstream participants. The only UI they want to maintain is the one they publish for a direct access channel which they will manage.     Functionality

Here are the main functionality use cases that are required in this scenario:

§         Development

o        Create Direct Access UI: Need ability to describe the originators’ UI of StockPlot.

o        Adapt UI: Consumers of the StockPlot service need the ability to modify, and enhance/extend the UI of StockPlot for their general usage. This use case must take into consideration the Visualize requirement of constraints on brand centric UI components.

§         Run-Time

o        Deploy StockPlot as a Web site

o        Deploy StockPlot as a Web service     Usability

Ownership of Usability issues reside with the producer of the UI delivered to the end-user..     Constraints

Non-modifiable fields TBD.

2.2               FAME

2.2.1          Role

FAME combines reliable historical market and reference data, key time-series data management technology, and financial and energy market expertise to deliver mission-critical, decision-support solutions to the global financial, energy, and public sector markets. Top investment banks worldwide; top US fund managers; large European central banks; the US Federal Reserve System; major oil companies; leading refiners, utilities, wholesale energy traders, and marketers; and major financial and energy Internet sites depend on FAME for enterprise information integration, managed data services, Internet-enabled analytical components and products, and custom solutions for the management and analysis of historical and reference data.

In this scenario FAME plays the role of an intermediary that hosts the StockPlot software. From a WSIA perspective they are both a Consumer (of the StockPlot service) and a Producer (of the iChartz service) (C1P1..).

2.2.2          Relationships

FAME licenses the StockPlot software from Visualize Inc., hosts it as a Web service, and sells access to the Web service  to Divine.

2.2.3          Business Objectives

FAME iChartz delivers financial and energy information from around the world making it the most comprehensive data charting service available today. FAME has been providing key financial information to large institutions for over 10 years. With the introduction of FAME iChartz, small and medium-sized firms can now benefit from FAME's breadth and depth of data. FAME is not in the charting business nor do they have financial charting expertise. Their objective with respect to StockPlot is to have the ability to simply enhance or modify the StockPlot UI for its’ clients and be able to charge for access and customization.

2.2.4          Solution Requirements

·         StockPlot software must be able to run (i.e. to be hosted) on FAME’s IT infrastructure

·         Ease of adaptability.

·         StockPlot solution must be able to either locally or remotely plug-in to the existing FAME information framework.

2.3               Divine

2.3.1          Role

Divine provides enterprise portal solutions, such as their Financial Markets Insight offering. In this scenario Divine plays the role of a portal provider that accesses the StockPlot software thru the FAME information service. From a WSIA perspective they are both a Consumer a Consumer (of the iChartz Web service) and a Producer (of the Financial Market Insights Web site) (C2P2.).

Note: As of January 2002 Divine no longer markets the Financial Insights Portal

2.3.2          Relationships

Divine has a consumer relationship with FAME and delivers the actual UI to the “end-user”.

2.3.3          Business Objectives

As all portal suppliers Divine seeks the ability to offer flexibility and personalization. An alternative to the “side-by-side” nature of a portal is preferable but not a specific objective with respect to StockPlot.

2.3.4          Solution Requirements

·         Ease of adaptability.

·         The FAME iChart UI offering must be compatible with the Divine portal framework.

2.4               End-User

2.4.1          Role

As the final endpoint, the end-user represents the actual human user of the financial graphing tool. In this case they are the customers of Divine’s Financial Markets Insight web site.

From a WSIA perspective the end-user is neither a Consumer nor a Producer. They are simple any one of n-possible users.  (U1-n..).

Note: There is an important clarification to be made with respect to the end-user and any perceived notion of a WSIA component. The end-user does not “consume” WSIA components. Instead, they interact with a browser that accesses a web application that may be implemented using one or more WSIA components. It can be assumed that a web browser could act as the run-time environment for such WSIA components, may provide support for WSIA application components. Nevertheless, this perception does not change the fact that an end-user does not “consume” WSIA components; instead he/she interacts with the resulting application.


2.4.2          Relationships

The end-user performs the actual interaction with the various instances of the StockPlot UI and is the ultimate trigger of all Run-Time use-cases associated with this business scenario.


3.                  Proposed Glossary Terms



1.        To interact with a system entity in order to manipulate, use, gain knowledge of, and/or obtain a representation of some or all of a system entity’s resources.  [1]

2.        in the system domain, what an End user does to a Web site using a browser, or what a Client does to a Web service;

3.        in the business domain, what a Consumer does to a Web service or a Web site hosted by a Producer;


A system entity that is used by an end user to access a Web site. A browser provides a run-time environment for distributed application components on the client’s device.


a system entity (not a business entity) that accesses a Web service.  Contrast with Browser and Customer.


a business entity that accesses a Web service or a Web site.  Contrast with End user and Customer


A business entity that purchases goods or services

End User

1.        A natural person who makes use of resources for application purposes (as opposed to system management purposes; see Administrator, User). [4]

2.        A person who uses a device specific Browser to access a Web site

Host (verb)

to run an application on an execution platform, which typically consists of hardware and software


A business entity that assumes both a consumer and producer role (CxPy) but does not generate or host the final application that is presented to the end-user. For example: FAME in this scenario.



A business entity that hosts a Web service or a Web site


A business entity that sells access to or use of Web services


1.        A specific type of resource that is not physically obtained by a user, but is accessed periodically by the user. [4]

2.       See Web Service


A natural person who makes use of a system and its resources for any purpose. See also End-User.


A business entity that sells goods.

Web Service

A Web Service is a software component that is described via WSDL and is capable of being accessed via standard network protocols such as but not limited to SOAP over HTTP.

Web Site

A hosted application that can be accessed by an End user using a browser



4.                  Scenario Diagrams



5.                  References

To see a visual of the multi-node redistribution of StockPlot, refer to http://www.sagemaker.com/products/insight/062901_Financial_Port.pdf.

For more details on the Divine portal, refer to: http://portal.Divine.


WSIA Business Scenario - Financial Charting Services.doc

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