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Subject: [wsia] Status of scenarios

Folks -- this is the status of WSIA scenarios so far.  If you know of any
others, please post to the list, and Dan or Eilon can track their status.
Our timeline calls for us to wrap up scenario writing this week and move
into generating use cases from them during the next 2 telecons after


Circulated and reviewed 2/1

SmartBuyer  (Timothy Jones, CrossWeave)
Beauty Boutique (Eilon Reshef , WebCollage)
Mortgage Calculator (Alan Kropp, Epicentric)
Financial Charting (V1.0) (Dan Gisolfi, IBM)
Product Configurator (Shankar Ramaswamy, IBM)

To be reviewed 2/15

Wireless Stock Trading (Aditi Karandikar, France Telecom)
Supply Chain Aggregation (Kevin Brinkley, Intel Labs)
Universal Bank (Shankar Ramaswamy, IBM)
Institutional Scenario: ADA Educational Studies (Rex Brooks)

Not yet circulated

MapQuest (Eilon Reshef, WebCollage)
Syndication of  Traveler's Checks (Euro Vacation) (Eilon Reshef ,
WebCollage & Dan Gisolfi, IBM)
Portlet (Thomas Schaeck, IBM)
Adaptation of Traveler's Cheques (Dan Gisolfi, IBM, and , Eilon Reshef,
Update on Financial Charting (V2.0) (Dan Gisolfi, IBM)

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