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Subject: [wsia] Updated agenda for WSIA telecon, today 2/15, noon eastern

Reconfirming today's WSIA telecon -- call is 12-1pm Friday 2/15...updated
agenda is:

1. Roll call

2. Approval of minutes

3. Action items from previous telecon
      action: Sasha - Will be sent out again, there was a problem with the
distribution list/subscription.
      action: Charlie - this might be an issue for OASIS Legal ? needs
follow up!
      action: Divine - It would be interesting to understand the controls
at the data/message level in this (financial charting) scenario that give
the ability for adaptation / extending, maybe we can get some of that
detail into this doc?
      action: Eilon ? Mapquest scenario might be good to elaborate as it
probably has a metering payment scheme with it's consumers.
      action: all ? probably give ourselves about another week to review
these scenarios, introduce new ones.
      action: all ? anyone interested in helping to develop a standard set
of procedures, documents etc for OASIS committees such as ours should
contact Karl Best.

4. List of any additional scenarios still to complete
      2nd rev on Financial Charting - IBM
      Amex  - WebCollage and IBM
      MapQuest - WebCollage

3. Review of new scenarios:
      Wireless Stock Trading (Aditi Karandikar, France Telecom)
      Supply Chain Aggregation (Kevin Brinkley, Intel Labs)
      Universal Bank (Shankar Ramaswamy, IBM)
      Institutional Scenario: ADA Educational Studies (Rex Brooks)
      Insurance Enrollment (Peter Quintas, Divine)
      Contact Search (Peter Quintas, Divine)

4. Process discussion for moving from scenarios to use cases
      Review of use case template
      Harvesting use cases from scenarios

 USA Toll Free Number: 888-606-9165
 USA Toll Number: +1-630-395-0139
 PASSCODE: 11014

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