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Subject: [wsia] [wsia-req-Financial Charting Service] divine details

The details surrounding the divine-FAME communication in the Financial Charting Service scenario are as follows:


The divine Financial Charting component has forms on the left and top of the component that wrap an include of a iChartz (FAME) URL.  The surrounding forms construct the iChartz URL with the corresponding input parameters.  Below is a sample URL:




Note that the <PROFILE_ID> part of the URL would specify who the requesting client is of the stock chart… This is the interesting part (or actually the uninteresting part)…


The look-and-feel of the component is controlled in 2 ways.  The forms and surrounding markup are produced by the divine component, thus following the style and skin of the divine application.  The way that the look-and-feel of the chart is rendered is this…


iChartz has a tool in which administrators of the consuming application (divine’s application) can log in to and specify the look-and-feel of the resulting chart… manually.  So the chart is rendered using the fixed style on a client-by-client basis.  (By client, I mean if we install our application at a client, they can only have one look-and-feel for all of their charts).  


This scenario is screaming for more view-level dynamic adaptations.  Also note the limitation for adapting the view as divine re-produces this application.


I hope this helps to shed some light on some of the details here…

peter j quintas
divine, inc.


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