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Subject: [wsia] Agenda for Friday 3/1 WSIA telecon

We will hold our regular bi-weekly WSIA call this Friday, 3/1, from Noon to
1pm Eastern.  The call in information is:

 USA Toll Free Number: 888-606-9165
 USA Toll Number: +1-212-287-1821
  PASSCODE: 11014

and the agenda is:

1. Roll call
2. Approval of minutes
3. Update on glossary
4. Discussion of categories of use case, copied again below
5. Review of example use cases: Aggregated and Integrated use cases.  To be
forwarded by the email list Thursday
6. As time allows, brief presentations on scenarios distributed since the
last call: Insurance Enrollment, Contact mgmt, AllMaps mapping, Portlet

If anyone has additional agenda items, please forward them to me and I'll
include them in an update before the meeting.

The working set of use case categories is as follows:

   Aggregated: Pass-through tiling of independent Producer components, no
   data initialization or return of results, no synchronization across
   multiple components
      Included scenarios: Portal (WSRP level of function)

   Integrated: Consumer enabled for programmatic initialization of Producer
   data and UI properties, defined schema for input and return values,
   still no synchronization across components
      Included scenarios: Smart buyer, Mortgage calculator, Beauty
      Boutique, Universal bank, Healthcare enrollment engine, Employee
      contact search, Syndication of traveler's checks (data fed from
      EuroVacations to FI producer)

   Orchestrated: Interleaved experience between Producer and Consumer with
   both synchronization across multiple components and flow composition
      Included scenarios: Financial charting, Product configurator,
Multimedia sports portal, Travelers check / Debit card, Mortgage calculator

   Composed: Aggregated, Integrated, or Orchestrated collection of services
   are in turn republished as first-class web service.
      Included scenarios: Any multi-tier scenario, e.g. HealthNow Insurance

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