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Subject: RE: [wsia] [wsia-req] Configurator Scenario

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Just to clarify... Kingston is not a customer of WebCollage - I just pulled the example since memory configuration was brought as a scenario.
As for your question, we as in WebCollage often implement what we call ASAP (Assortment, SKU numbers, Availability and Pricing).
Implementation architecture is typically divided into one of the following three options:
1. (Most common) As the Producer page is being created/rendered, Syndicator (our product) shoots an XML message to the Consumer application, requesting real-time data. You can think of it as the Producer invoking a Consumer Web Service and/or as an event-based paradigm in which the Producer generates events (such as "give me up to date pricing") and the Consumer returns some data. Variations differ in binding between the producer and the consumer, the protocol used (SOAP/XML/...), size of dataset, etc.
2. (Common) A Web-based tool within our environment is used for the Consumer to manually upload pricing, etc. This data is made available as a dataset to the Producer application while it's generating the page. Variations differ in the data acquisition UI, the data formats used (e.g., manual update or upload of tab-delimited data).
3. (Less common, we don't have this within the product yet). The Producer periodically "pulls" data from a Consumer data store and stores it into its database. The Producer application uses the data to render the pages. Variations differ in the protocol (HTTP/FTP), security, data formats and data sizes.
Having said all this, I am not sure whether this is under the scope of the WSIA committee or whether we should leave it to be implementation-specific, as above. The only scenario which seems to be "generic" in the above is the first one, as the concept of "events" (in our product we call it plainly "messages") seems to be pretty common and has been around in component architectures for a while.
Hope that answers the question... we can also take it offline if there are specifics which you feel are beyond e-mail correspondence.
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From: Dan Gisolfi [mailto:gisolfi@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 11:29 AM
To: wsia@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [wsia] [wsia-req] Configurator Scenario

In the Configurator scenario that you posted, "The configurator is
customized in real time to display buy.com assortment and availability."
Is this capability currently implemented by WebCollage -- and if so, how?

Dan Gisolfi

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