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Subject: [wsia] Customized-Integrated use case and Orchestrated use case docsand notes


Here are the current drafts and some notes on orchestration

Customized case:
(See attached file: WSIA Customized Use Case-3-14-Edits.DOC)

Orchestrated case doc and notes from the sub-group:
(See attached file: WSIA Orchestrated Use Case3-14.DOC)

1. Automation of providing input by the consumer that results in a skip of
a presentation step. Notice from the end-user's perspective this is a
change in application flow. (grey area). Since it is not covered under
coordinated case, we think we should include it under orchestrated case.

2. Redirection to the consumer to decide on what step of which service to
show next.
     - Mortgage Advisor
     - Supplier  Advisor
    -  Intelligent Install Shield (Charlie mentioned it ?)

3.   Question: What assistance does the service providet to the
Orchestrator? context.

   1.  Revise and look at the scenarios, decide
       - Nothing is needed
       -  What should the service provide in order to make sure that it
makes valid state transitions.
   2. Write a draft use case flow

Ravi Konuru
eBusiness Tools and Frameworks, IBM Research
office: 914-784-7180, tieline 8-863-7180; fax -3804

WSIA Customized Use Case-3-14-Edits.DOC

WSIA Orchestrated Use Case3-14.DOC

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