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Subject: RE: [wsia] Can a producer make look & feel changes?

Title: Message
> Just to clarify my earlier description with regards to your point below. The Consumer physically has access to the entire markup fragment, so when business arrangements permit, the Consumer can make any type of modifications to the markup. I guess one of the ideas we are trying to capture in the Customized scenario and in WSIA in general is an explicit well-defined interface that declares what are the customization options (and, possibly, and also arguably, how to implement them). The existence of such an interface (independently of the mechanism that's used to describe it) is implicitly assumed in many of the discussions, mainly for robustness reasons (the Producer is committed to support those adaptation points one way or another along application changes). Naturally, the interface can't capture all of the different customization options possible, only those predicted and supported by the Producer. It is then up to the business arrangements to define whether adaptations other than those defined in the WSIA interface are allowed (in which case the Consumer can freely play around with the markup), disallowed (in which case the Consumer can't do anything with the markup), or anything in between (e.g., allowed after a review by the Producer). I wouldn't suppose we - as a committee - can decide between those options; we can only come up with the interfaces and assume the business arrangements are taken care of.
Hope that makes sense.
 Lastly, on the issue of property driven adaptation vs. markup driven
adaptation, I wasn't present at the smaller group discussion, so I may be
covering old ground.  However, I have significant concerns about the property
driven approach that extend beyond back-compatibility.  To me, the property
driven approach implies that the producer must predict all of the changes that
a consumer may want to make (since they are responsible for implementing
them).  This may seem attractive from a Producer control standpoint (which
I agree is an important issue), but I think it will have the effect of limiting the
re-use of services.  Certainly our experience to date suggests that it is very
hard, if not impossible to predict the ways in which Consumers may want to
adapt services and so I would argue we should err on the side of flexibility.

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