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Subject: [wsia] 'post conditions'

we initially used the term in 'post condition' in XACML, however decided
to change it to 'obligation' for a number of reasons.

first, there may be a temporal aspect to an obligation that makes it
impractical to perform an action after the specified event (e.g. 'expire
information in 30 days')

second, with distributed systems it may be impratical from an
enforcement and performance perspective to ensure that something occurs
after an event on a remote system.

third, the term 'post condition' typically refers to the state of system
after an event rather than an action to be performed (in languages such
as UML).


On Thu, 2002-03-28 at 06:20, Rich Thompson wrote:
> Here is the current state of the Embedded Use Case document for review in
> todays telecon.
>  (See attached file: WSIA Embedded Use Case.DOC)
> I have also begun the collection of CSS classes various portals use today
> for use in defining a set that all services at the WSIA Embedded level
> could depend on being defined by a Consumer. This certainly needs input
> from additional portal providers.
> (See attached file: CSS classes.doc)

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