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Subject: [wsia] Customized Integrated Use Case Draft.

Folks, here is the current status of the output from the sub-group.

1. unchanged, but with all changes accepted for readability.
(See attached file: WSIA Customized Use Case-3-14.DOC)

2. General requirements doc with some specific requiements that stem from
property/operation based adaptations. Here is Eilon's mail that describes
Hi All,

I tried to put in place several requirements for the property-based

I had some difficulty using the existing templates (which seem to be
use-case driven rather than requirement-driven), so I picked the general
format and style from W3 XML Protocol (at
http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlp-reqs/). I did not spend too much time on
categorizing the requirements, as I assume this will be changed when we
pile additional requirements from the other use cases.

I put in several generic requirements mainly as placeholders, and also
the ones that relate to property-based customization.

Since property-based customization is performed at the Producer side,
and since the Producer may make arbitrary transformations, the
requirements are pretty generic and relate more to the description,
communication and state management aspects than to their semantics.

I hope that helps. I will be traveling shortly, but should be available
via e-mail and hopefully also on the call tomorrow.

Best regards,
(See attached file: Requirements-1.doc)

3. Another set of requirements and a proposal to unify the current
discussion of operation and stream oriented adaptations. I am including my
mail to the subgroup below.


Based on intial observations in the use-case subgroup that a great deal of
overlap in the kinds of information needed by both Operation and Stream
based adaptations, I worked through many the different  tasks that need to
be performed and what requirements it places on the information that needs
to be exported by a producer. The goal was to explore the possibility of a
single unifying property description concept that can applied at the
producer or the consumer the difference only being in certain additional
attributes. In my opinion, the results are encouraging but need further
study and evaluation by the broader group.

I also came up with a general and a specific set of requirements from this
use case by thinking about the tasks and possible business or performance
needs that may affect the task execution. Tim observed that the information
needed by stream oriented adaptations seems to be a super-set of
operation-oriented adaptations and suggested a more generalized locator and
a transformer as the additional attributes.

 I probably may have not captured all our discussions, so I expect Eilon,
Tim to provide [corrective?] input during our call today.

Here is a document that summarizes and in most cases complementary to the
requirements doc that Eilon has sent out. Its organized as follows:
     - list of use cases
     - overview of the sub flows
     - Requirements
     - Detailed walk-through for use case realization under both operation
and stream adaptation approaches.

(See attached file: CustomizedIntegratedUseCase-WIP.doc)

See you at the call.
Ravi Konuru
eBusiness Tools and Frameworks, IBM Research
office: 914-784-7180, tieline 8-863-7180; fax -3804

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