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Subject: RE: [wsia] Embedded Use case telecon

I am fine at 9:00am PST on Monday, 8th. If I have any comments on the latest
draft, I will circulate the changes. regards


-----Original Message-----
From: Alan Kropp [mailto:akropp@epicentric.com]
Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 10:56 AM
To: 'Rich Thompson'; 'Monica Martin'; 'Vadhri, Srinivas'
Cc: 'wsia@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: [wsia] Embedded Use case telecon

Hi Monica and Srinivas,

Rich and I had a conversation this morning regarding the state of the
Embedded case, and what we'll need to do to get ready for the F2F in a
couple of weeks.

Would you be able to attend a teleconference on this topic on Monday, April
8th, 9am PST (12pm EST)?  Call details follow, please let me know if this
time will not work for you.

Others welcome to attend at your option.


 USA Toll Free Number: 877-718-0936
 USA Toll Number: +1-712-923-6878

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