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Subject: [wsia] [wsrp-wsia joint interfaces] Re: April 9 (Embedded) conf call.

Alan, Rich, thanks for the productive conf call and the work done so far on
Embedded. Couple of thoughts on today's conversation...

7.1 Lifeycle. We discussed the consumer choosing whether he wanted to engage
in a stateful/stateless lifecycle. Not sure the consumer has a choice does
he? If the producer defines stateful operations (ie, they take as an arg a
session handle) then the consumer is going to have to comply in order to
make that call. Or the producer might define additional stateless operations
where a bunch more data needs to be supplied on every request? The former
(stateful, with a session handle) would be more efficient (less data
travelling on the wire), and the latter might allow simpler implementations
on the consumer side?

So if a producer chose to supply both porttypes (meaning published interface
containing certain operations) then that's his prerogative and very nice of
him to do so, but if he only published a stateful interface the consumer
would just have to work with that?

7.6.4 Rich pointed out that it's not event-based, not notifying multiple
subscribed consumers - might be worth clarifying that. In which case I'm
then not sure why a producer must notify its consumer what properties have
changed, since won't it have been the consumer that initiated the change? So
(considering performance here too) do we just want to say that a producer
MUST notify its consumer that a property change was/was not successful
(rather than returning a full list of the new current property settings)?
Also do we want to state that producers MAY support the ability to change
multiple properties at once?

:-) gr 

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