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Subject: RE: [wsia] Marked up requirements doc from F2F

Are you saying that the value of a Handle must be processed in a case
insensitive manner? If so, why? Conceptually I view a handle as an opaque
remote reference. If a Consumer modifies it in any manner (such as changing
the case), I would view that as a security violation that should cause the
Producer to refuse access to the referenced item.

                      "Vadhri, Srinivas"                                                                              
                      <Srinivas.Vadhri@comme        To:       Charles F Wiecha/Cambridge/IBM@IBMUS,                   
                      rceone.com>                    wsia@lists.oasis-open.org                                        
                      04/30/2002 12:22 PM           Subject:  RE: [wsia] Marked up requirements doc from F2F          


I dont know if we had a requirement on case insensitiveness (Upper and
Lower) of the web services applications? If not, I think we should have one
under the General Requirements. For e.g., if we are using the information
the Handle, the Consumer or Producer application should process the
information in a case in-sensitive manner.

Srinivas Vadhri

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From: Charles F Wiecha [mailto:wiecha@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 2:08 PM
To: wsia@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [wsia] Marked up requirements doc from F2F

Folks -- here's the marked up requirements document from the face to face.
Sorry not to get this out sooner...let's get the edits running on the email


(See attached file: WSIA reqs 2002-04-15.doc)

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