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Subject: [wsia] WSIA specific WSDL interfaces and protocols subcommittee,Summary of phone meeting May 1 2002.

Folks, here is a summary of the sub committee meeting and thoughts on the
committee's  role and charter and relationship to other
WSIA subcommittees. Please let us know your comments.


Members: Dan, Shankar, Rich, Gil, Alan, Terry, Monica, Graeme, Sean,

Present: Terry, Sean, Ravi, Gil, Shankar, Rich

Thoughts on the group's role:

 - Concrete interfaces and protocols, binding: while other sub-committees
   work on work-group specific interfaces, we bring the interfaces to
   gether, think how they would be reflected as wsdl porttypes and other
   operations so that sub-interfaces would all work together in a
   consistent manner. In particular the  interfaces that are WSIA specific
   need to be extensions of the embedded/WSRP interface and build on their
   protocol specification.

-  Rationalizaton: Put everything together, reference implementation/demo?
(RK: we need to
   define this early in our charter. A thought is to highlight a scenario
   that would actually get built).

Thoughts on the process/activities to effectively play the role.

1. Concrete interface, bindings, and protocols
         - internal place holder/strawman  interface[s] and description
developed in parallel to the other joint groups to facilitate discussion
and  rationalization through implementation. [RK: this implies that we
would have to be up on wsdl and related standards and potentially raise
requirements and play with different technologies]

        - Based on the relative pace of the other sub-committes, either
provide input or amend internal strawman and re-rationalize. We also expect
that the other committes focus more on the interface definition at an idl
level while this committee focuses on the best practices for converting
into wsdl and related protocol issues. [RK: Concern was expressed by Rich
that instead of idl level, other committees should provide their output at
the wsdl signature level since thats what we are trying to define.
Counterargument is that creation of wsdl by the subcommittes might actually
be a distraction when trying to convey the semantics of what the
sub-committtes are trying to achieve. Comments?]. This could be an
iterative process.

2. We will have active representatives in each sub- committee to facilitate
the exchange of ideas.

3. Reference implementation (end of the third quarter).
      - Sanity check
      - some development experience to assess reasonableness,
      -  performance
      -  lastly a demo that we can use to drive the effectiveness of WSIA.

Ravi Konuru

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