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Subject: RE: [wsia][wsia-requirements][R602]

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I am not suggesting that the Consumer is not allowed to change JavaScript, rather the suggestion is that we wouldn't assume that it should. To me, that's because correctly analyzing code constructs (in any language) without executing them is anywhere from hard (from a practical perspective) to impossible (from a theoretical perspective, as Theory of Computation shows).
This is not to say that WSIA can't define an interface that uses JavaScript (e.g., I assume the committee may decide to define JavaScript functions, events, etc.), but I guess that the question is can we require the Consumer to analyze JavaScript code to support action routing, for example?
Customization is definitely something that we will be discussing in the Customization sub-committee. My working assumption is that the requirement below is rather generic, and applies to anywhere from the scope of WSIA in general, to action routing, unique tokens, etc., and that it might be changed as the Customization sub-committee proceeds.
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From: Sean Fitts [mailto:sean@crossweave.com] 
2. It MUST support JavaScript as an associated scripting language and MUST provide a way to support actions triggered by scripts. [Optional/Debate: However, it MUST NOT be assumed that scripting elements are modified by the Consumer in any way.]
Why do you feel that the second "MUST NOT" statement is necessary?
To me it seems overly restrictive since it impacts both what types of
customization we will support and where the customization will occur.
My understanding is that both of these issues are still up for debate/
description in the customization sub-group.


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