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Subject: [wsia] Minutes for WSIA Customization Sub-committee May 8

WSIA Customization Sub-committee Conference Call, May 8, 2002

The committee will prepare a charter and present it to the WSIA group.

The charter timeline will follow the one sketched in the F2F,
June joint F2F:      review draft of technical requirements/sketch   
                     of a spec/architecture/model 
July release w/WSRP: 1st draft of tech requirements 
3Q 2002:             1st draft spec 
4Q 2002:             impl 
1Q 2003:             Final draft of 1.0 spec 

Charlie will distribute a first version of the charter along the
lines of the one used for the Joint WSRP/WSIA Committee.

Steps and Milestones

A discussion arose around the action plan towards the F2F.

It was agreed that considerable work has been done so far in
the Customized use case, which enables us to move forward
based on the work done.

There was also a feel that unlike the Embedded case, there 
still isn't complete consensus as to the scope and problems 
solved within the Customized use case, and that taking half 
a step back to fine-tune those can be beneficial, as long
as it enables us to meet our required timeline.

Thus, the next step is to define and refine concrete 
sub-scenarios that capture particular functionality required 
as part of the scenario (e.g., specifically - price 
customization in the Memory Configurator presented in 
the F2F). We can use this list as a basis for discussion 
in the architectural conversations.

This leads to the following action plan:

May 15 - Documented List of Sub-Scenarios
May 22 - Detailed List of Sub-Scenarios
May 24 - Discussion with WSIA team

May 29 - High-Level Architectural Approaches
June 3 - Documented Architectural Approaches
June 5 - Discussion with WSIA team

June 10 - High-Level Technical Requirements
June 17 - Detailed Technical Requirements
F2F     - Discussion with WSIA team 

Tim volunteered to help with editing the sub-scenarios
into a document.

Charlie suggested that the second F2F day will be 
dedicated to the Customized use case.

Eilon will take a first crack at a sub-scenario
to get a discussion around the level of detail.

Further discussion around sub-scenarios will be carried via 
e-mail until next week's meeting.


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