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Subject: WSIA 5/16/2002: [wsia][wsia-requirements][R702]

Previous suggestion:

WSIA Web Services SHOULD provide the capability for those Presentation
Fragments, returned by the Producer, can be requested and relayed
through the Consumer.


WSIA Web Service SHOULD provide the capability for Presentation
Fragments to reference end-user requests for external resources.  


Note: Dependency to above requirement – Discuss now open.



Monica J. Martin

Program Manager

Drake Certivo, Inc.


	-----Original Message----- 
	From: Rich Thompson 
	Sent: Wed 5/15/2002 2:45 PM 
	To: wsia@lists.oasis-open.org 
	Subject: [wsia][wsia-requirements][R702]

	R702 [Performance, Functionality]
	      It should be possible (but not necessary) for a WSIA Web
	      Producer to persistently store subsets of Property Values
	      eliminate the need to communicate them upon creation of a
	      Service. It should be possible for a Consumer to refer to
such stored
	      Add: Also state how the producer indicate what is the
subset and how
	      the Consumer can refer to it.
	      Note: this mechanism is sometimes called Property Sheets,
	      corresponds to the Portlet Template in WSRP.
	reword as:
	      This specification MUST define standard means by which a
Producer MAY
	indicate the capability to persistently store a subset of
property values.
	It MUST also define how a Consumer MAY refer to such a
persistently stroed
	set of values.
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