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Subject: [wsia][wsia-requirements] Updated requirements doc

Here is an update to the requirements doc trying to capture the ongoing
discussion on the mailing list.

(See attached file: WSIA reqs 2002-05-20.doc)

Thomas, your marked up version for WSRP had questions about several of the
requirements, here is my attempt at answers:
   R408 - This requirement comes out of the "Beauty Boutique" business
   scenario for WSIA. This scenario has a Producer embedded within the
   Consumer's page with opaque flows, but with both initial and final data

   R311 - A coorelated requirement to R408 ... this says that the Consumer
   must be able to get at the final data.

   R702 - Defines the need for operations related to create / use / delete
   persistent data.

   R703 - Currently marked for deletion.

   R411 - Related to Customization ... I just suggested to the WSIA mailing
   list that this be deferred to the customization subgroup.

   E903 - Related to the discussions about URL generation / rewriting. How
   the produced markup can result in an invocation back to the Producer
   must be defined.

   E916 - Mode refers to whether the service is a stateful or stateless

   E922 - Much debate occurred around the need to say that a Producer may
   wrap one or more legacy applications ....

   E924 - Has been significantly reworded ... the point is that the spec is
   discovery mechanism agnostic

Hope this helps ....

Attachment: WSIA reqs 2002-05-20.doc
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