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Subject: RE: [wsrp][wsia][wsrp-wsia joint interfaces][Draft Spec 0.43]Shar edTransient Information

In the interest of sanity and progress, I have broken up Rich's, Michael's, Monica's and Eilon's emails into four subjects - "Shared Transient Information", "Persistent Information Scope", "createEntity/createTemplate/createPortlet", "session and entity handles", and "Property lists".
This email will deal with Shared Transient Information, and the relevant quotes from the emails and my reply to them:
Rich wrote:
> This is a concept that has been brought up both in the WSRP discussions and
> the Coordinated Use case of WSIA (deferred for now). The discussion we had
> on Tuesday had general agreement that this would be Consumer supplied
> functionality that Producers would not need to even know was occurring. I
> think people still need to think through this, but hopefully we can make it
> a decision point soon.
Michael wrote:
> 1) I agree we should ignore the shared transient information "type".
So Gil now writes:
Well, it seems we're in the direction of dropping "shared transient state" from the draft spec (at least for v1.0), and having our first resolution on the draft spec :->!  I second this, as I think our interfaces in their first shot must be minimal, and this issue is a difficult and unclear one. Final objections, anybody?

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