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Subject: RE: [wsrp][wsia][wsrp-wsia joint interfaces][Draft Spec 0.43]Persistent Information Scope

In the interest of sanity and progress, I have broken up Rich's, Michael's, Monica's and Eilon's emails into four subjects - "Shared Transient Information", "Persistent Information Scope", "createEntity/createTemplate/createPortlet", "session and entity handles", and "Property lists".
This email will deal with Persisent Information Scope, and the relevant quotes from the emails and my reply to them:
Michael wrote:
> 2) I think the specification should recognize the per consumer scope. I
> understand a producer will be able to manage this scope transparently once we
> add a registration handle but I don't think that just because it can be
> inferred from the model we should ignore it (from the spec/description).
> 3) The definition of the "persistent information" type needs to be tightened.
> As written it implies a relationship with User transient information as both
> are claimed to be scoped to a user. Whereas a session is scoped one-to-one to
> a user I don't believe persistent information is scoped one-to-one to a user.
> Rather I believe we have discussed situations where the mapping is 1 to N.
> I.e. the producer may be asked to operate on the sample persistent entity for
> differing concurrent user (sessions). This seems to imply that the scope of
"persistent information" is whatever the consumer chooses it to be.
So now Gil writes:
I definitely agree on point #3. What I said was actually one Usage of the persistent information (i.e. one use is to tie it to the user), but yours is actually the more general - "the scope of 'persistent information' is whatever the Consumer chooses it to be."
Objections, anybody? If not, I will change the draft spec appropriately.
I am unclear about Point #2 above. When you're saying the specification should recognize the "per Consumer scope", you are talking about the scope on what type of information (user transient, shared transient, or persistent)? If it doesn't correlate to any type of information and is more of a general comment, then can you please elaborate? (e.g. an example, a proposed change to the spec)

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