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Subject: Re: [wsrp][wsia][wsrp-wsia joint interfaces][Draft Spec 0.44]

A couple of requests/comments ahead of tomorrow's joint conference call.

Request:  Can you either via an e-mail or during the call map the draft APIs to the various model APIs I sent in an
e-mail a little over a week ago?  I don't yet understand how a number of them are reflected in the current proposal.


a) Because of the WSRP container model, I continue to be in the camp that different entities in the same container
will share a common session.  Your API doesn't support this.  It assumes each entity has a distinct session.  In my
world view the createSession call is made without any entity handles.  And a sessionID is passed to all createEntity

b) It seems a little strange (and harder for the developer to understand) for the producer to create transient
entities as an operational side effect as the consumer defines/manages the scope of this entity.  Why do we need
this?  Why not just leave the consumer in control?

c) destroyEntity -- I think we need a way to destroy many entities in a single call.  We can do this either via a bulk
operation (take a list of entities) or defining cascading deletes that operate on the entity hierarchy.

c) We need a bulk copy operation.

d) Can you clarify the semantics of the following action/get markup parameters:controllerURL, uniqueToken?


Rich Thompson wrote:

> Sorry about this duplication, but I just remembered that I had intended to
> turn on line numbers so as to make the discussion easier (provided we all
> use them to point at the area we are commenting on). Here is the version
> with this turned on.
> (See attached file: WSIA-WSRP Joint Spec Draft 0.44.doc)
>                       Rich
>                       Thompson/Watson/I        To:       wsia@lists.oasis-open.org, wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org
>                       BM@IBMUS                 cc:
>                                                Subject:  [wsrp][wsia][wsrp-wsia joint interfaces][Draft Spec 0.44]
>                       05/30/2002 08:57
>                       AM
> As requested on Tuesday, here is a modified version of the Draft Spec that
> reflects having orthogonal concepts of "sessions" and "entities" carried
> throughout the API. Thomas has inserted a few initial comments from a WSRP
> perspective (in particular, potential answers to some of the open questions
> in the Note blocks).
> (See attached file: WSIA-WSRP Joint Spec Draft 0.44.doc)
> #### WSIA-WSRP Joint Spec Draft 0.44.doc has been removed from this note on
> May 30 2002 by Rich Thompson
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                                  Name: WSIA-WSRP Joint Spec Draft 0.44.doc
>    WSIA-WSRP Joint Spec Draft 0.44.doc           Type: WINWORD File (application/msword)
>                                              Encoding: BASE64
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