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Subject: RE: [wsrp] [wsia] [wsrp-wsia joint interfaces] agenda for Tuesday 11June

Title: Message
A small concern I have regarding your point below.
Meta-data that defined inter-relationships between portlets doesn't seem simple, nor does it seem intuitive to me that the fundamental way in which a portal interacts with a set of portals depends on meta-data (and I'm talking about a sequence of invocations, not about the type of information passed, which is what meta-data is good for).
I would much rather have the notion of session sharing either (a) disappear (b) be in a one-to-one relation with a service (c) be one-to-one with a session, but managed by the portlet group (who don't need to publish this information) (d) be explicit in the protocol in some other unidentified way.

The idea was that the producer indicates session sharing capabilities
through its metadata (e.g. by defining categories, etc). However this has
not been detailed yet.
The producer itself is a container of services.


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