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Subject: [wsia][wsrp] Updated Requirements document

In preparation for the face to face meetings next week I have made another
pass through the requirements document. Significant changes were:

 - Renumber WSIA requirements to reflect the current document layout. The
base level requirements we have been working on all start with the letter
'A' now.
 - Folded in a new section for the WSIA security requirements that emerged
 - Folded in a new section for the WSRP requirements that have been
discussed in various venues. I attempted to apply style and wording changes
to fit in with the rest of this document (eg. upper case words such as
MUST). I apologize in advance if any of these have been lifted from old
sources, etc. I would note that these have not been reviewed to the extent
the base WSIA set has and that there is a significant overlap in some
- Folded in the set of draft requirements that have been under discussion
by the customization subgroup. These are still undergoing revision by the
subgroup, but are included as an update to the larger interested community.

(See attached file: WSIA reqs 2002-06-17.doc)

Attachment: WSIA reqs 2002-06-17.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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