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Subject: RE: [wsrp-wsia] Re: [wsrp-interfaces] Re: [wsia][wsrp][wsrp-wsia jointinterfaces]: An alternative

My take on these terms:

 client - a browser which manages End-User interactions based on the
supplied output. (Do we need this term?)

 Consumer - an application that drives the WSIA/WSRP interface of 1 or more

 Producer (aka Producer service) - a WSIA/WSRP compliant WSDL Service
Endpoint that exposes 1 or more types of entities.

 entity - that which generates output and deals with user interactions. In
general will encapsulate application logic.

 transient entity - a configured entity where the configuration is not

 persistent entity - a configured entity where the configuration is

 template - a portal concept describing a configured entity which used when
designing pages.

 session - a state mechanism used by entities for user specific data. Scope
of any particular session determined by the Consumer.

                      Jeff Broberg                                                                                  
                      <jbroberg@silvers        To:       Alejandro Abdelnur <alejandro.abdelnur@sun.com>            
                      tream.com>               cc:       wsia <wsia@lists.oasis-open.org>,                          
                      06/17/2002 02:02          wsrp-wsia@lists.oasis-open.org                                      
                      PM                       Subject:  RE: [wsrp-wsia] Re: [wsrp-interfaces] Re:                  
                      Please respond to         [wsia][wsrp][wsrp-wsia joint interfaces]: An alternative            

Why don't we call the producer service just portlet?
[Jeff Broberg] thought that by abstracting the producer service away from a
portlet that we could reuse the term for wsia.  but would like to hear
others opinions.

About Session, I would like to see a more detailed definition including how
it relates to the client.
[Jeff Broberg] will work on it



Jeff Broberg wrote:

            Mike -

            I agree.  The current model, while clearly understood by many,
            I believe is being interpreted in slightly different ways,
            enough so, to be causing all the confusion and concern you
            mentiono.  I still believe a very high level diagram of the
            relationships between the client - consumer - producer would be
            extremely beneficial.  I am not sure how to draw that, as each
            conference call, the diagram I draw is different from the one
            before.  So for me, to get this all straight, I quess it comes
            down to definitions.  And from those definitions we can
            determine relationships, etc.  So, I took the liberty of using
            some of the statements that you made in your email, to see if
            they are agreed upon or not.  This will also be helping for the
            definitions in the glossary.  So here goes:

            client = an end user

            consumer = an intemediary responsible for the aggregation and
            control of heterogeneous producer services, responsible for the
            interaction between the client and the producer services placed
            on the clients application interface.

            producer = a container of producer services

            producer service = the WSIA/WSRP compliant service ( aka.
            portlet )

            template = a producer service, with initial settings specified

            entity = an instance of a producer service ( potentially based
            on a template )

            transient entity = an instance of a producer service

            persistent entity = an instance of a producer service +
            persistent data

            session scope = is a shared scope between all entities within a
            producer that a consumer chooses to group together.  This can
            be all the entities of the producer, a subset of entities, and
            even at the extreme one session per entity.

            While, I know some of the definitions are terse, I am trying to
            see if the relationships are correct.  Because half the battle
            during these discussions is trying to understand what everyone
            is saying, especially when we are all working off of various
            interpretations of what the terms actually mean.  So, please,
            let me know, where my interpretation is wrong, and hopefully
            from these definitions, the relationships will be evident, and
            our efforts can proceed.


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