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Subject: RE: [wsrp-wsia] Re: [wsrp-interfaces] Re: [wsia][wsrp][wsrp-wsia jointinterfaces]: An alternative

While I agree in general, I have no better terms to offer ... it certainly
goes far beyond Consumer specific ....

                      "Jeff Broberg"                                                                                
                      <jbroberg@silvers        To:       Rich Thompson/Watson/IBM@IBMUS, "wsia"                     
                      tream.com>                <wsia@lists.oasis-open.org>,                                        
                      06/17/2002 02:58          <wsrp-wsia@lists.oasis-open.org>                                    
                      PM                       cc:                                                                  
                      Please respond to        Subject:  RE: [wsrp-wsia] Re: [wsrp-interfaces] Re:                  
                      jbroberg                  [wsia][wsrp][wsrp-wsia joint interfaces]: An alternative            

could we be less stringent on the notion of user specific data, and be more
general like "consumer specific data" or something like that.  I just
what happens if wsrp services start to become used by stream scraping
technologies, in that case, the transaction between the consumer and the
entity is less so oriented to a specific user.  Just wondering.

 session - a state mechanism used by entities for user specific data. Scope
of any particular session determined by the Consumer.

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