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Subject: [wsia] Issue list for Joint Interfaces from WSIA

Folks -- here's a start at developing a list of items we should discuss at
the F2F relative to how the Joint Interfaces support the WSIA use cases
beyond Embedded - i.e. as we get into Customization, Coordination, and
Orchestration what do we have to watch on the base interfaces to be sure
they will extend and support those other use cases?

Let's add to this list during today's call as we review the subcommittee
status, and during the WSRP part of the F2F next week.  We can then discuss
in more detail on Wednesday as we review the Joint Interfaces.


1. Array processing - does this cause difficulty in correlating with remote
service instance?
2. Property definitions - types, incremental updates
3. Separation of request phases - action/property vs output markup
4. Ability to clearly identify remote entity equivalent to an "object",
even if requiring multiple keys
5. Explicit property interface needed to support Customization/Coordination
outside of an action invocation
6. Relationship of property interface to potential administration interface

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