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Subject: [wsia] Website Update

Hi Everyone,

I have partially updated the website, adding the missing minutes. In 
order to do this in a way that would not create too many 
discrepancies in the chronological order of the mail archives, when 
or if anyone wanted to check the originally posted files, I converted 
them to webpages in Word which required a bit more work than I 
expected due to the way Word does that.

I removed the most egregious extra characters thrown in by the 
conversion subprogram, but the way in which the tables were converted 
moved them arbitrarily to the left, taking the first characters out 
of view, so if anyone is really interested in checking attendance, 
you will either have to interpolate the missing characters or 
download the original from the mail archive.  Everything else 
displays as originally formatted in Word, except for the remaining 
"special" additions that weren't worth the effort of tracking down in 
the midst of the endless code MS introduces in their conversion 

I will get to the subcommittee minutes soon, as I will also for the 
first spec, but that was enough for one sitting.

 From now on I will add the text of the minutes into a quick repost to 
the mail list so that anyone can read the minutes on screen that way 
when I use that archive url as the link from the webpage. That will 
give everyone the option of reading off the screen or downloading the 
Word files as originally posted by the secretary(s). I will back up 
the minutes files in the minutes folder on the OASIS website so that 
we automatically have a redundant backup.

I will, at the least, add the current spec version tomorrow morning. 
I am not quite up to doing the same amount of work I did today on the 
subcommittee minutes this weekend. But I will have to do as I did for 
the previous 3 months of missing minutes to be consistent and 
maintain the chronology of the archives.



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