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Subject: RE: [wsia][wsrp-interfaces] Refactoring the data objects

I strongly agree. The spec today is obfuscated and unclear because
everything is in structures. I would separate entityHandle and markupParams.
I would also include sessionID and clientParameters. Having these in the
"top level" would make the whole interaction flow clear and not hidden.

As for RequestContext, I would separate it into "UserContext" (information
about the user and its device - this should be the same for all portlets in
the page) and "Markup/ViewContext" (information about the rendering "view"
and the markup to be generated - should be different for each portlet).

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From: Rich Thompson [mailto:richt2@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Mon, July 15, 2002 20:47
To: wsia@lists.oasis-open.org; wsrp-interfaces@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [wsia][wsrp-interfaces] Refactoring the data objects

I will start several threads of discussion relative to Yossi's comments so
that we can cleanly walk through them. I would like to use this thread to
discuss which data items should be surfaced as first class parameters
rather than buried in the scope level data structures. I would propose the

  - entityHandle: This is a fundamental indication of the targeted content
producer. I would prefer it as a first class parameter.

  - RequestContext appears to have both items invariant across the entities
on the page (eg. all the user related stuff) AND entity specific stuff (eg.
mode & windowState). Should it be split into 2 structures reflecting this

  - markupParams: This opaque serialization of state seems like a
fundamental data item as well. Should it be a first class parameter?


                      "Tamari, Yossi"

                      <yossi.tamari@sap        To:

                      07/15/2002 12:47         Subject:  RE:
[wsia][wsrp-interfaces] Refactoring the data objects   



See my comments marked with [YT].
(Most of them are in appendix A, since it seems appendix a is the real
definition of the spec, which I think is wrong, and is a result of what
Rich mentioned below about the obscurity of the interface.)

The endless debate about putting WSIA concepts in the WSRP standard is
still there...


-----Original Message-----
From: Rich Thompson [mailto:richt2@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Friday, July 12, 2002 9:09 PM
To: wsia@lists.oasis-open.org; wsrp-interfaces@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [wsia][wsrp-interfaces] Refactoring the data objects

As requested in Tuesday's Joint interfaces call, I have reworked the draft
spec in an effort to factor the data items into the scopes presented at the
June F2F. Personally I think this obscures too much and that some of the
data items should move up to first class parameters in the interface.
Hopefully this version can provide a reasonable basis for a discussion of
which items should be promoted either for clarity or as part of supporting
any factoring of the operations.

Technical note: In order to make this readable but yet leave an indication
of what was modified, I accepted the changes and then appended a space on
the end of changed lines so that a change bar will appear on the left. So
much changed in Appendix A that it all should be considered modified.

(See attached file: WSIA - WSRP Interface Specification.doc)

#### WSIA - WSRP Interface Specification1.doc has been removed from this
note on July 15 2002 by Rich Thompson

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