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Subject: [wsrp-interfaces][wsia][wsia-wsrp joint interfaces] Agenda for Tuesday 23 July

A fairly ambitious agenda for tomorrow:
1.  Based on our discussion from Thursdays WSRP Interfaces call, Mike sent out a couple of emails regarding levels of state, and most recently, session modeling.  I think it would be useful to spend time going over the major points to nail down session/state basics:
a.)  What are markup parameters?  Are they transient request state?  Expanded to encompass session state for special circumstances (below)? 
b.)  Should we model "stateless" producers as somehow putting the burden of managing session state on the Consumer, via the expanded notion of markup parameters?  What should "stateless" imply regarding Producer's expectations on Consumer?
c.)  Is there a need for a separate initSession call, to avoid session creation race conditions?  What about session timeout, and handling non-J2EE containers which may not be able to re-establish an expired session?
2.  Hopefully smaller-scale discussions on...
a.) Should userAgent, locale & deviceInfo be part of the user profile data or some other structure (now is in RequestContext)?

b.) Page 32 / line 3 of 0.22 draft ... Is SHOULD or MAY the right statement?

c.) Should modes and states be an int[] or a bitvector ... both have appeared in different versions of the spec ... which is preferred?


Call-in numbers:

USA Toll Free Number: 877-718-0936

USA Toll Number: +1-712-923-6878



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