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Subject: TIME CHANGE: [wsia][customization] call now at 12 Noon Eastern!

Note that the time for the customization subcommittee meetings has been
moved out to 12 Noon Eastern going forward.

---------------------- Forwarded by Charles F Wiecha/Cambridge/IBM on
08/13/2002 04:56 PM ---------------------------

"Timothy N. Jones" <tim@crossweave.com> on 08/13/2002 04:16:38 PM

To:    wsia@lists.oasis-open.org

Subject:    [wsia][customization] call details for 8/14

Toll free: 1-877-299-7551, passcode 2696#
(These numbers should be constant going forward.)

Proposed agenda for tomorrow is to work through the application of the
Transparent State interface (properties) to a portlet configuration
(attached) and a value-added portlet wrapper scenario (Shankar?).

The latest version of the customization working draft is attached,
reflecting some additional work on the introduction.


*******Attachment(s) have been removed*******

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