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Subject: [wsia] [minutes] 8/29/02

OASIS Web Services for Interactive Applications
 Technical Committee

29 August 2002
teleconference 12:00-1:00pm EST



	Graeme Riddell, Bowstreet
	Tim Jones, Crossweave
	Monica Martin, Drake Certivo
	Alan Kropp, Epicentric
	Charles Wiecha, IBM (chair)
	Ravi Konuru, IBM
	Rich Thompson, IBM
	Rex Brooks, individual


1. Planning details for the F2F in September; materials required and
volunteers to lead discussion on:
      a) draft joint spec and how it maps onto Embedded use case
      b) property metadata and interface proposal and relationship with
Customized use case
      c) extending property mechanisms into Coordinated use case
      d) steps for moving forward: revising property interfaces, starting on
2. Capturing open issues for the Embedded spec from WSIA requirements for
discussion at the F2F
3. Review of the status of the Customized draft spec
4. Moving forward with the Coordination use case


12:00	roll call + minutes.

12:05	Review of F2F agenda - Charlie

Aiming to review Embedded spec, particularly how it's serviced by reccent
thoughts on an object model. Alan's passed through the draft to (re)map it
to WSIA requirements spec, Rich planning to review that and make sure
requirements are cross-referenced. Alan expecting to go through it again
with a focus on security and user profile sections. 

Will want to review the object model proposals - Rich, Charlie and Carsten
to lead that. Rich concerned that maybe have not yet looked into property
values part of the spec sufficiently, probably worth focusing on the
non-property values part of the spec on Monday. When reviewing OM, probably
want to review how it offers a lighterweight solution when not communicating

Ravi raised concern that WSRP suggests Edit, Design etc actions are required
to be supported - Need to make sure that these are not mandatory in the
Embedded case. Ravi & Rich to lead a review of the markup and property defs
from the Embedded perspective.

12:20	Status of Customized - Ravi

WSRP doesn't separate property descriptions from values - Customized looking
to make that distinction, and suggestions and examples of XForms syntax for
that have been circulating.

To help in the presentation to the WSRP folks the doc could probably do with
some more examples and more  description of motivation for the approach. So
at the F2F probably want to present description and general advantages of
XForms model before getting into discussion of session/entity scopes. Might
want to brainstorm if there are any other scopes not yet identified, and
finish with presentation of application of XForms description to Customized

Ravi - the XForms model hasn't been fully mapped to the interfaces yet, so
can't go to that level of detail, but can certainly present approach and
general idea.

So for presentation prep for F2F:
action: Charlie - overview of model approach, why is it a good idea
action: Tim/Bruce - pull together XForms notation and examples
action: Ravi - how it's a uniform approach across the spectrum of
complexity, how it broadens out and applies to session scope and how it
relates to use cases (specifically probably the "punch out" scenario and
another more interactive one). (Alan to help Ravi find those Use Cases).

12:35	Coordinated

Have been discovering through the prototyping that if we have a consumer
oriented definition linking property values across entities, it can work. So
it might make sense to now start examining cross-entity notation, a
declarative wiring mechanism based on the entity descriptions.

Monica - wanted to raise UDDI / Reg-Rep and its usage so it doesn't slip off
the radar.

12:45	adjourn

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