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Subject: [wsia] Possible addition to WSIA

I'm a newcomer on this list and do not plan to become a member of the
TC due to time and resource-constraints.  But I will read messages and
occasionally send some input.

I have been working with upgrading the OBI (Open Buying on the Internet)
standard to use Web Services.  During that process we stumbled over
a solution that quite a few others seem to have done as well.  A DNS-based
distributed WS-Registry system.  In the following document you will find
how it works and in particular page #3 applies to interactive Web Services:


This is a key piece of an input proposal to an OASIS on-line payment
TC that may get off the ground this fall, although it has many other
applications as well.

In case you are interested in the on-line payment TC or actually just in
trying out the proposed mechanism, the following is a good starting point:


Dear Payment-professional,

In case you have some 10 minutes of your precious time to spare, 
I suggest that you to tryout an on-line payment-system combining
VISA's 3D Secure, MasterCards' SPA, similar local systems in
Europe and Asia, as well as NACHA's Project ACTION.

Reading only: http://buyer.x-obi.com/dotpaybuyer/faq.html

Running .PAY: https://buyer.x-obi.com/dotpaybuyer/buyer

The .PAY scheme is currently serving as an "input specification"
to a possible future OASIS on-line payment standards effort.


Anders Rundgren
(Individual member)

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