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Subject: Re: Voting on WSRP 1.0 spec

I vote yes.


Folks -- I would like to carry out the WSIA voting on the joint WSRP 1.0 spec by email over the next week.  I have recorded the following votes so far:

William Cox                Yes, from WSRP vote
Monica Martin        
Alan Kropp                        Yes, from WSRP vote
Charles Wiecha                Yes, from WSRP vote
Dan Gisolfi        
Ravi Konuru        

Bruce Lucas        
Rich Thompson                Yes, from WSRP vote
Rex Brooks                        Yes, from WSRP vote
Sasha Aicken        
Eilon Reshef                Yes, by email
Gil Tayar                        Yes, from WSRP vote

Those remaining, please forward your votes to the list and I'll pick them up and tally.

Thanks, Charlie

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