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Subject: Re: [wsia] Completing transition to WSRP

Ravi Konuru

Charles F Wiecha/Cambridge/IBM@IBMUS

07/14/2003 08:55 AM

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        Subject:        [wsia] Completing transition to WSRP

Folks -- as we have now completed the transition of WSIA topics to WSRP, including Coordination and Customization, I would like to open a vote as to the dissolution of the WSIA Technical Committee.  

The resolution is: "Having completed its joint work with WSRP on WSRP 1.0, and deciding to address future work through WSRP 2.0, the WSIA Technical Committee should be discontinued at this time."

Please respond by email either to me or to the list before 5pm Monday, July 21.

Thanks, Charlie Wiecha

Chair, WSIA Technical Committee

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