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Subject: WS-Eventing and WS-Notification

Dear WS-Eventing authors

The OASIS WS-Notification TC has noted with much interest the August
2004 edition of WS-Eventing. The WS-Notification Technical Committee
was formed to develop a set of specifications to implement the
notification pattern. This work is based on initial industry
contributions, with the intention of soliciting additional industry
input and involvement.  The Technical Committee recognises that there
other inputs to include in a notification infrastructure, and that
WS-Eventing provides a meaningful contribution in this space.

Having examined both sets of specifications, the TC observes that
WS-Eventing and WS-BaseNotification address a very similar problem area
and architecturally are similarly structured. While it is noted that
there are differences, the overlapping subset is significant enough to
warrant further investigation. To this end the TC would like to invite
the authors of WS-Eventing to join the TC and submit WS-Eventing as a
contribution. We would hope that a unified infrastructure, meeting the
requirements of both WS-BaseNotification and WS-Eventing, would be an
output of the TC.

To facilitate this, the TC is offering to make a presentation to the
WS-Eventing team on the current status of WS-BaseNotification and our
thoughts on synergy between the two specifications. Please feel free to
discuss this within your wider communities, and let us know what your
time scales are likely to be. We are making good progress with the
WS-Notification specifications and would very much like your input to
the process.

The TC hopes the WS-Eventing Team will consider this proposal, and
looks forward to hearing from the group.


William Vambenepe and Peter Niblett
Chairs OASIS WS-Notification TC

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