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Subject: Destroy Operation name

There are a couple of places where we define a WSDL operation called "Destroy". They are in the PullPoint and PublicationRegistrationManager. In both cases we say that the interface MAY also support WSRF-RL. What this means is that the implementer has to create a PortType and paste in the operations from WSN and WSRF-RL. 

As a result of a simple paste, the implementer will end up with to Destroy Operations. The message exchanges come from different Namespaces (although of course there is a remarkable similarity to their contents), but the namespace of the WSDL operation names is the implementer's tns (not one defined by WSNT or WSRF-RL) and so the implementer has to rename one or other of these two operations to avoid a conflict.

This is not an interoperability problem (since the operation name itself does not flow on the wire) but it does mean that the Action MAP won't match the implementer's WSDL for the operation that they rename. So to avoid this problem we might consider changing the name of Destroy (and the associated Action MAPs) to something else.

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