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Subject: WSQM TC's comments

I am a member of the WSQM TC in OASIS.


Our TC members have reviewed SOA-EERP TC's three specifications and a whitepaper. They are very interesting.


Particularly, the Business Quality of Service specification is considerably related to our TC's works. WSQM TC is developing "Web Services Quality Factors (http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsqm/document.php?document_id=35420)."


The WSQF consists of several quality factors, such as Business Value Quality, Service Level Measurement Quality, Interoperability Quality, Business Processing Quality, Manageability Quality and Security Quality. Our TC is going to submit this specification for the OASIS public review in April. The Business Value Quality includes Price as a sub-quality factor and the Service Level Measurement Quality indicates the performance of service. The WSQF can be applied to services in Service-Oriented Architecture.


Our opinion is following:

The Business Quality of Service specification can be aligned with our Web Services Quality Factors, such that the sub-elements of BQoSPrice and BQoSPerformance are changed to Extension elements which can represent any sub-factors about Price and Performance. And the BQoS specification can refer to our definitions and descriptions of quality factors and sub-quality factors. After that, our WSQF specification can include the Price and Performance as the quality factors and two specifications can be aligned well.



Thank you very much.




Junghee Yun



      Yun Jung-Hee ()
      IT Infrastructure Planning Dept, NIA
      (phone) +82-2-2131-0428
      (fax) +82-2-2131-0409

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