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Subject: Mitsunori Satomi Requests Membership in OASIS Web Services Resource Framework TC

Mitsunori Satomi of Hitachi wishes to join OASIS Web Services Resource Framework TC. He or she is eligible for membership based on membership rules for this group.

Please visit http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsrf/manage/pending_request.php to evaluate this request and to see all of the other pending requests to join this group.

Additional information entered by Mitsunori Satomi in support of his/her application:

I did work for architecutre design of a web farm using load balancer, and develop the management software for a Web Farm system including application server and DBMS.
Recently I join in the team to develop the grid computing middle-ware for the Business Application use.
So, I am interested in the technology(includes WSRF) and architecture to manage the IT infrastructures.

Thank you,

The Group Messenger Service

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