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wsrf message

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Subject: WSRF comments/questions from Ricoh


Following are comments/questions from Ricoh regarding the Public Review draft 1 of WSRF.


Alain Regnier






- line 453: should be "</tns:StorageCapability>"


- line 454: missing /tns ("</tns:GenericDiskDriveProperties>") 


- line 488: "The resource property value has an XML element" ???


- line 739: two ":" instead of one


- for consistency, write the fault names with or without ":" at the end, but do it the same way everywhere in the document (example line 740, 744, 746 and 749 vs line 1026, 1030, 1033, (1038))


- Why not combine operations GetResourceProperty and GetMultipleResourceProperties into one operation with 1 or more resource properties as child element(s) in the request message?


- How difficult would it be to use a different notification mechanism than WS-Notification?


- line 141: "this will facilitate improved performance" ???


- line 244-245: any reason to have the "any" before the "StorageCapability" element?


- Set/Insert/Update/DeleteResourceProperties

If the resource property document contains the same resource property multiple times under different or same parent, is there any mechanism for clients to update/delete a specific resource property, or insert a resource property under a specific context? For example what if the SetResourceProperties example tries to delete "tns:StorageCapability" and there are two StorageCapability entries. How can we delete the StorageCapability with DataRedundancyMax value without removing the other StorageCapability with NoSinglePointOfFailure value?


- Section 5: would be nice to have a simple table listing of all operations for at-a-glance view


- line 391: It says if the operation is not supported the service must generate a fault. Seems like this is the natural place to specify that fault (Eg.unsupported operation), instead of the "ResourceUnknownFault".


- Section 5.4.2: Should the sample resource properties document include the "QueryExpressionDialect" property, to illustrate 5.4.1?


- Section 5.6: "ResourcePropertyChangeFailure" does not specify the name of the resource property that failed processing? Where is that specified? And also how does the service indicate partial failure of a SetResourceProperties request that contains multiple components, and partial rollback (restore) that may follow? (Eg. a request that contains an insert that succeeded, an update that failed and got restored, and a delete that did not get executed)


- line 1524: Is this item mandating that any WS-Resource that is a NotificationProducer must contain within its resource properties document a resource property named "Topics", containing all the Topics that it supports notification on? The wording is not quite clear. Line 1573 seems to corroborate this.


- section 5.5: this section doesn't start like for the other operations with a "A WS-Resource MAY/MUST ..."


- line 891: this line contains

"http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsrf/rpw-1/PutResourcePropertyDocument/PutResourcePropertyDocumentResponseRequest" but shoud contain ".../PutResourcePropertyDocumentRequest"





- Section 2.3 ws-Resource

May the resource identifier also appear in the SOAP header of the message, i.e., when the ws-Resource reference is the message target EPR?

Need some example SOAP messages.


- line 146: WS-Resource or WS-Resource Reference?


- line 150: wouldn't it be useful for interop purpose to give some pointers about such comparisons?


- line 158: missing . at the end of the line






- line 279: "conformance to an individual MembershiptContentRule is ..." should be "conformance to an individual MembershipContentRule is ..."


- lines 591 and 594 should be switched





- consistency issue

WS-Resource has several different definitions based on the document. For example in WS-ServiceGroup (line 85) "the composition of a stateful resource and a Web service" but in WS-ResourceProperties (line 18) "the composition of a stateful resource and a Web service"


- How to identify the service group entry, by ServiceGroupEPR, MemberEPR and Content combined, or by ServiceGroupEPR and MemberEPR combined, or by other criteria? Will the update of service group member be allowed?


- naming conventions

A better respect of naming conventions over all the specifications might be helpfull. For example


ws-Resource Access Pattern

ws-Resource access pattern






- What about cases where service wants to terminate a resource, how should a resource act in that situation and if it should notify connected clients, etc?


- Couldn't a resource have a lifetime even if it is not a subscription? For example is it not possible a resource just have a lifetime and some requester which accesses the resource can use wsrf-rl to find out its lifetime without doing any subscription.


- Can multiple requesters subscribe to this WS-Resource? How would it handle the lifetime issues in that case? (if one subscriber tells it to terminate, what does it tell the other one?)


- line 214: Is it allowed to have both the resource and the WS-Resource be destroyed upon a Destroy request? It seems there must be some cases where the existence of a WS-Resource is meaningless without any resources attached. If this is allowable what is the result of a requester message directed at a WS-Resource that has terminated? L476-477 refers to the WS-Resource terminating.


- Section 5.2: Under what circumstance does the "WS-Resource MUST provide a resource property element that provides the current time"? Only when it supports scheduled destruction, or any wsrf-rl operations? Or must all WS-Resource do this? Likewise for Section 5.3, the current termination time resource property.






- Examples of highlevel, real life usage of WS-Resources would be helpful, instead of only focusing on how to create WSDL's of a WS-Resource service


- Section In section 2.4 of WS-Resource spec, it says the "resource identifier may appear either in the contents of the wsa:ReferenceParameter ...". In here it says wsa:ReferenceProperty


- line 255: porttype declaration is incomplete









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