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Subject: RE: [wsrf] Groups - wsrf-ws_resource-1.2-spec-wd-08.doc uploaded

As someone said earlier, this is a "black hole".  I apologize, the
conversation on this doc went a little too fast and was not all that
audible for me to jomp in on the telephone.  I was thinking about the
text and you had moved onto the BaseFaults discussion.

Two things:
1.  The third bullet says:  "If access to the lifecycle of the resource
is exposed through the WS-Resource, ..."  I thought there was a
clarification given earlier in the day that the lifecycle of the
resource is NOT that which is exposed through WS-RL--just the lifecycle
(Destroy) of the WS-Resource.  We really can't infer anything about the
lifecycle of the resource.  This statement should be rephrased to be
consistent with the clarification.

2.  I find the diagram in 2.2.1 confusing because it is incomplete.  It
shows a single Web service and two resources.  However, it doesn't have
any representation of the "WS-Resource" associated with the Web service
and the resource identified by R1.  Is the Ws-Resource in 1:1
association with the Web Service and 1:m with the resources?  Or is the
Web service in 1:m association with WS-Resources, each of which has a
1:1 association with the resources?  (I believe the answer is the later,
but neither the diagram nor the text makes these associations clear.
Note, as well, that the text says "The Web service provides access to
two resources..."  That's the role of the WS-Resource, which, IMHO,
further confuses the discussion.

Sorry for the delay in getting you these comments.   

Kirk Wilson
Architect, Development
Office of the CTO
802 765-4337
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Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 11:39 AM
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Subject: [wsrf] Groups - wsrf-ws_resource-1.2-spec-wd-08.doc uploaded

The document named wsrf-ws_resource-1.2-spec-wd-08.doc has been
by Dr Ian Robinson to the OASIS Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF)
document repository.

Document Description:
WS-Resource spec - wd-08

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