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Subject: New Issue: Clarify uniqueness of RMD <Property> per resource property

The RMD spec describes no mechanism for combining multiple <Property/>
elements.  Therefore,  at most one <Property> can refer to a
resourceProperty qname, but there are points of ambiguity in the text.

Proposed Resolution

   At Line 501  of [1] (The descripton of {properties}) add the sentence: "
   Each Property component identifies a unique resourceProperty Qname in
   the resource properties of the {interface}."
   In the last row of the table at line 554, remove the words "plus the set
   of Property definitions in the {properties} property of the
   MetadataDescriptor definitions in {extended MetadataDescriptors}, if any
   ".   There is no mechanism for extending MetadataDescriptors.
   Figure 2 - cardinality of the relationship of <Property/> to
   resourcePropertiy is many to one. It should be  [0 or 1] to one.
   Line 398 of [1]: the example uses OperatingSystem portType which refers
   to properties from the Identification portType, and "Lines (69)-(73) [of
   the example] contain an additional set of ValidValues that the
   id:ResourceType resource property may contain."  These additional values
   need to be copied into the <Property/> element of the composed
   metadatadescriptor. The example really illustrates the use of properties
   paths from two different namespaces; illustration of portType
   composition should be left to AppNotes.
   The RMD schema should enforce uniqueness of the path attribute among the
   <Property/> elements within a <metadataDescriptor/> so that only one can
   be associated with each resourceProperty qname.
   Figure 1:  - cardinality of the relationship of <portType/> to
   <metadataDescriptor/> is one to many. It should be one to [0 or 1].
   Also, the relationship arrow should be an association rather than a
   The MetadataDescriptor resourceProperty described in section 10.2 must
   always have the constraint MaxOccurs=1 whenever it is used in a RP
   document schema. If not, multiple <metadataDescriptor/>s are possible.

The following pictures may help explain the relationship of WSDL,
RPDocument and MetadataDescriptors.

First, using an attribute on the portType to identify the medataDescriptor
(Embedded image moved to file: pic18040.jpg)

Second, using a resourceProperty to identify the metadataDescriptor:

(Embedded image moved to file: pic26429.jpg)


Regards, Tim Banks.



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