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wsrf message

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Subject: WSRF v1.2 is an OASIS standard

Congratulations to all the members of the TC. The adoption ballot closed on
Friday with 72 Yes votes and 0 No votes. That exceeds the 15% of the total
membership we required - WSRF v1.2 is now an OASIS standard!

Dave convened the first TC meeting in New Orleans on April 28 2004 and Tim
took the photos.
(See attached file: Bar scene[200K].jpg)

Dave looks the most distressed about not having a beer and I look like I
shouldn't have any more; everyone else is enjoying themselves...

We still have some work to do with RMD, but I'd like to pause for just a
second to say its been a real pleasure working with all the TC members on
this standard. And a really great committee effort.

Thank you.
Right, lets get RMD finished.


Bar scene[200K].jpg

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